Why Dental X-rays are taken?

Dental X-rays Do I really need them?


We have this question asked frequently. Without dental x-rays the dentist cannot properly do his job of diagnosing dental disease. Many things are factored into our diagnoses processes x-rays are one important tool.

While we use x-rays to diagnose and help prevent disease from becoming too serious taking x-rays at every dental visit is not necessary. At Aleksander Vojdanoski Dental we use the ADA recommended ALARA, which stands for As Low As Reasonably Achievable. What that means is we look at each patient and determine what is necessary for them.

We look at multiple factors when making that decision such as: caries history, diet, oral hygiene, medications, and previous dental work. If a patient has a history of having a cavity every time they come in for their dental check-up we would likely recommend that patient have bitewing x-rays taken once a year. On the opposite end if a patient has no dental disease present that patient could go longer even up to two years with a check-up x-rays.

While x-rays are a very important tool, know that here at Alek Dental in North Palm Beach we use patient-centered factors on determining how often we take dental x-rays.

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