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Tooth-Colored Fillings

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Fillings at our North Palm Beach  dental practice are a routine simple yet effective treatment to correct and prevent further fracturing and decaying of the tooth. Fillings can also be used to fill minor chips and other aesthetic flaws in teeth. Each unique filling we place is held to our highest standards of quality, ensuring that your treatment will be , comfortable,long-lasting  and  indistinguishable from your natural teeth.


Many patients prefer tooth-colored fillings due to their ability to blend  seamlessly with natural tooth structures. This type of composite resin filling not only provides a perfect aesthetic result, but also allows for a smaller amount of the tooth to be removed, maximizing strength and durability. Further, composite resin behaves similarly to natural tooth material, expanding and contracting at various temperatures in the same way, and most importantly chemically bonds to teeth to provide a lasting restoration.


The use of silver fillings is a hot topic in the dental world for a long time……It  is often the subject of debate almost on a daily basis with our patients. Some patients are asking question about removing old amalgam fillings because they are worried about the health effects they have seen or read in the news, or because they don`t like the way they look. Our personal philosophy is that if these filings are not , defective,chipped or decayed, then they should be left alone. If you really want them replaced with a tooth colored white filling, we can discuss the risks and benefits together and decide what is in your best interest.


Fillings are a suitable treatment option for patients that have teeth with minor structural issues, including areas of decay and small chips. In cases of extensive structural damage,we may recommend dental crowns instead of fillings.  

Sensitive teeth after fillings? Some patient have slight sensitivity after the new fillings were placed,that is somewhat  normal reaction to having the filling just done or if you had it replaced. Decay is the major cause  for sensitive teeth,while the tooth is worked on the decay is removed and the tooth get irritated even more. Sensitivity for couple of days to couple of weeks are common in some cases and the tooth gradually gets better. My tooth is sensitive on bitting down? That is sign that the new filling is slightly too high and a quick visit to the dental office would take care of that. During the placement of the filling ,patients are numb and they can`t tell 100% if the bite feels just right ,that is the reason why the dentist is using colored bitting paper to mark the high spots. Sometimes even with multiple checks the new filling would be high and the patient would be able to recognize that after the anesthetic wears off. All needs to be done in this case is just shape the filling for couple of seconds and check the bite,  5 minutes appointment would be more then enough.

To learn more about fillings and the additional restorative services available at our North Palm Beach  practice, email our office to schedule an examination or call (561)881-0067

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