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Teeth Cleaning and Prevention in North Palm Beach

North Palm Beach dentist Dr. Alek offers COSMETIC DENTISTRY and RESTORATIVE DENTAL TREATMENTS and also a full range of GENERAL DENTISTRY and preventive care services to help maintain your beautiful smile.

Routine visits to the dentist for a professional teeth cleaning and dental exam are two of the best ways to prevent dental problems. You will find that a visit with Dr. Alek is unlike any other visit to the dentist. Our routine examinations and dental cleanings are comprehensive and include screenings for TOOTH CAVITIESGUM DISEASE and oral cancer screning  as well as examination of the TMJ joints and bite probems.

What To Expect From Your Dentist Visit

At our North Palm Beach dentist office, you can expect to receive prompt attention from our entire team. We spend one-on-one time with each patient to discuss their goals and concerns. In addition, we spend time explaining treatment options and helping you make the best decisions for your long term dental health and happiness.


Maintaining ideal oral health is essential to your overall well-being, and the highly trained staff is committed to helping patients achieve this goal. While many patients turn to our practice for superior cosmetic and restorative dentistry, we believe that the foundation of any beautiful is a healthy mouth. This is why we offer a variety of  services at our practice, all designed to make your oral health a priority.


Regularly scheduled examinations and cleanings lay the groundwork for a strong preventive care plan. While our patients may need restorative and cosmetic dentistry throughout their lifetimes, minimizing the need for such dental treatments begins with a commitment to practicing preventive care. 


This is one of the most commonly asked questions.We general recommend recall cycles of 3,4 or 6 months depending on multiple variables:

Diet: Sugar rich diet will demand more frequent cleanings. Sugar is the main source of energy for the bacteria in the mouth,more sugar in the diet more bactria will be present in the oral cavity.

Health history: Patients with surpassed immunity and diabetes are recommended more frequent recalls since they are at higher risk to develop periodontal decease.

Dental history: Having a lot of work done during the years( you are having a lot of fillings,crown and bridge work) you have a higher chance of developing decay so more frequent cleanings may be recommended.

Periodontal(gum) disease: Patients with gum disease are usually placed on more frequent intervals for maintenance.Most patient have deeper then usual pockets as a result of bone loss so cleaning is more difficult so professional cleaning is recommended more often.

Genetics: Patients with a family history of tooth decay and periodontal disease should consider more frequent recalls.

Age: Older patients tend to be on multiple medications some of them would interfere with the normal oral flora,some of them would cause dry mouth (Xerostomia) 


Everyone has  bacteria in the oral cavity  that can cause periodontal disease. When the number of these bacteria accumulate, they begin to interfere with the health gums and bone.This leads to chronic inflammatory decease (Periodontal disease ).If left untreated ,periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss.

Periodontal disease is the most common chronic bacterial infection in adults and the number one reason for tooth loss in the U.S. It is estimated that almost 50% of the population aged 30 and over  has some degree of periodontal disease  and prevalence rates increases to 70% in adults 65 and older according to the Center for Disease and Prevention.


It is recommended  that every patient receive a comprehensive periodontal evaluation on an annual basis. The exam consist of  gauge your periodontal health, diagnose existing disease, assess risk for disease, and determine any treatment, if needed. The CPE can be performed at your regular check-up by  including a general dentist, dental hygienist or periodontist.


Our care extends beyond our patients’ teeth and gums, and for this reason we offer in-office screening for oral cancer. . Many types of oral cancer can be mistaken for other ailments, which is why we emphasize the importance of undergoing this important screening during examinations.


Disorders of the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, affect a huge number of people, some without their knowledge. Common side effects – including sore facial muscles and jaw, aching neck, clicking jaw, and headache – are often dismissed. . During a consultation, we may suggest a mouth guard or other targeted treatment to address symptoms of TMJ disorder.

To schedule a cleaning or yearly examination, or to receive more information on our services, email us today or call (561) 881-0067.