New Year Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions:

That time of the year has come again when we start to make promises to live a healthier lifestyle. We at Alek Dental in North Palm Beach are no different. Dr Alek and I made a resolution to reduce our sugar intake. We know how living a healthy lifestyle will help us be better parent to our son. We want to teach him the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. They best way to teach him is by us modeling healthy habits ourselves.

Here are some tips to help your oral health.

Tip 1: Healthy eating habits are important for overall health but also key to have a healthy mouth. Crunchy nutritious foods like apples, carrots and cucumbers not only make a great snack but consuming these foods verse cookies or crackers help keep your teeth clean and healthy.

Tip 2: Kick the soda habit. Even diet soda is very acidic which can wreak havoc on your mouth. Any constant supply of sugar and acid on the teeth is damaging. If you can’t knock the habit completely then try not to sip on it all day. For example, we drink coffee daily but we make a habit to sit down have our cup of coffee and then brush our teeth. Sip the coffee or soda all allows to acid and sugar to destroy the tooth enamel. Give yourself a time limit for your drink and then be done and switch to water.

Tip 3: Make you a priority. As a working mom to a busy toddler, I know how are it is to make sure you are taken care of but it is so important. Seeing the dentist regularly will help reduce the risk of dental emergencies and keep costs down. Make an appointment for your routine dental exam and cleaning.

Tip 4: Floss correctly. Patients often say yes I floss whenever I have something stuck in my teeth. Trust me, there is always something stuck in your teeth. Once you create a habit for flossing you will find when you miss a day you notice. When you floss make sure you hug or wrap the floss around each side of the tooth to make ensure proper cleaning.

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