Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive Teeth

As the weather warms up in Florida we will be looking for ways to cool down.

One of our family’s favorite ways to cool down is with some homemade ice cream (recipe at the end of the blog if you’re interested).

For some just hearing the word ice cream send chills down their teeth. People with sensitive teeth can have the condition that can ranges from very mild to extremely sensitive. I recommend my patients with sensitive teeth to start with switching to sensitive toothpaste first. If that helps then you’re free to enjoy your ice cream. We often see patients that have gum recession, which exposes the dentin, as a main cause of tooth sensitive.

The cause of the recession is due a number of different reason but aggressive brushing and grinding are some of the more common causes. There are dental procedures that can be done to correct this from a simple bonding to gum grafting. Another cause for sensitive to could the obvious: a cavity. If your tooth is sensitive to hot, cold and sweets likely you are experiencing that due to cavity.

A simple filling can correct that if caught early enough and if the pain is severe and throbbing then it is possible that a root canal may be needed. If you are experiencing sensitive teeth, get it checked out by a dental professional. 

Ice cream recipe: any fruit, honey and milk (almond coconut or cows whichever you prefer) blend and throw in ice cream maker.

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