My retainer in gone…I lost my retainer….

My retainer in gone…I lost my retainer….

Those sentences are often heard in our office.

Misplacing your retainer is number one cause for replacements that we hear from out patients.

After finishing your ortho treatment either traditional braces or Invisalign  retainer is almost always recommended.

After spending so much time,money and effort trying to keep your teeth sparkling clean while in the braces treatment it would be shame everything to go to waste.

Forgetting that little plastic box with the retainers while you are on vacation,your best four legged friend eat it,or misplacing in in the moving boxes all of those reasons we are hearing on weekly basis.

Making a replacement retainer is usually one or two visit procedure ,with Invisalign we can even order the retainer over the phone since the company have the digital records so they can make new one right away.

If the retainer was lost for some time then taking one simple impression would take care of that problem.

If you have a problem with your retainers,you need new one  give us a call at 561-881-0067 for a free consultation with Dr.Alek.

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