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 Whether you are missing some or all of your teeth, the range of removable prosthetics offered at our office  can help. If you are interested in learning more about how you could benefit from custom-crafted dentures at our North Palm Beach, we invite you to  schedule a free consultation  so that you can explore which option best suits your unique needs.

Why choice us?

Having being a  dental technician who started working in a dental lab 20 plus years ago I have probably processed and finished more dentures then most dentist are doing during their career before I was even graduated dentist.So beside being a dental technician,dentist I`m also Prosthodontist.

 Prosthodontist is super dentist who beside the dental school has additional three years of extensive training in residency specializing in most complex full-mouth reconstruction cases.

Dentures are one type of full mouth reconstruction since all of the teeth are being replaced and esthetics and function should be optimal for great results.

Dentures! Yes or No?

Whenever we can we try to postpone having dentures as a last resort ,when every other option is already explored dentures may be the choice of treatment ,even though can be a difficult decision for the patient.

Our office philosophy is  to avoid  having dentures by having regular check ups and cleanings  to stop the progression of the gum disease and cavities.

We always try to educate patients that “having denture is not a substitute for teeth it is substitute for NO teeth

Let us explain what we mean by that.

Most adults have between 200-250 pounds of bite force with natural teeth. With dentures that bite force is only 50 pounds or 20 % at the best.

The reason for the big drop is because the dentures rest against the gums and they move while natural teeth are set solid in your jawbone.

Our Dentures

When dentures are the treatment that the we will provide we don`t just deliver a “plate” we give our best to give a beautiful smile back beside having functional prosthesis.

Just because we love doing dentures in our North Palm Beach office and we do a lot of them we want make sure every patient understand that we are offering the best looking dentures we can provide and that comes we a price,we are not the cheapest around and that is for a good reason.

Our dentures are made with premium materials and with the best teeth available on the market and both of those ingredients are not cheap.

Most of our patients already have one,two some even more sets done in dental offices and the first comment we get is "this denture does not look a denture they look like natural teeth".That is because we use the best available ingredients to make the best product.

 Every single denture is customized to fit the patient characteristics as the shape of the face ,age and personal preferences.Every step of the denture fabrication is done in our office which guarantees best results without compromises and fastest turnaround time.

 What options I have since I don`t have teeth or are about to lose them?

For simplicity we can divide the options in three groups:

 Dentures -20% chewing efficiency

Conventional dentures supported by the gums and the bone

Implant retained snap on dentures-50% chewing efficiency

Minimum of two implants in the lower jaw and four on the upper.Dentures easily snap on they are more retentive and secure.Patient can remove the dentures to be cleaned.

Non removable (hybrid) dentures-90% efficiency 

At least 4 implants  in each jaw and the denture is secured by screws so it can not be removed by the patient.

Denture treatment process

Denture making process varies from patient to patient but most of them could be placed in the following steps.

We would start by having thorough exam to see if you are good candidate for dentures.We can`t tell you how many times patient will be thinking that only option he has is dentures.Most of the time dentures are the last thing to recommend if the patient have healthy teeth worth saving.

If you already have dentures or will need dentures it is really important to examine the bone and the gums where the dentures would be resting.

Following the exam we will start by making the most accurate impression ,sometimes second appointment is necessary for taking more accurate impression by using custom trays made to fit only your mouth which would give as the most accurate model of the your gums and bone.

Next visit will involve recoding the bite when we try to get most accurate bite relation closest to your original bite and at this appointment will discuss the shape and shade of the denture teeth that will be used.Some patients want to bring old photographs because they were happy with the look of their natural teeth so we can try to make them as close as possible to them.Sometimes we will take photograph just to have better idea while the teeth are set up.Then after all of that information is  gathered all of the teeth are set in wax to resemble natural looking smile.

Everyone has a member in there family that has dentures that look bad,usually it is because the teeth are too big, too long or they are too short so they don`t show.We try to make every denture look natural as possible.

During the last try-in visit we have replica of the final dentures with all the teeth in the wax when we evaluate the esthetics and speaking.During this visit most patients have someone with them so they can share there opinion and concerns.Shape and the color of the teeth are checked.

If the teeth don`t look right for whatever reason we don`t processed till everything is fixed and the patient is happy.That sometimes will mean additional appointment since the teeth will have to be reset.

When all the concerns are addressed dentures will be processes this step involved changing the wax with the acrylic resin.

 Final dentures are delivered during the next visit when we first try the fit of the dentures,sometimes we need small adjustments,then the bite is evaluated   making sure teeth on the both side touch evenly and we check the speaking.

 Patient is usually advised to come back after 48 hours so we can see if any sore spots are present and we adjust them to relive that area of the dentures.

 Some times one week follow up is the next visit for a check up and evaluating the process of the greeting used to a new set of dentures.

 Most patients will have 2-3 visits after the delivery of the the dentures for follow up and adjustments and after that they can enjoy smiling and eating.


How long does it take to make dentures?

Normally the whole process takes 2-3 weeks,sometimes we can complete everything more quickly if we have appointments available and the patient can come sooner.We can sometimes have immediate dentures done in couple of days.Temporary (flipper)denture  can be made the same or the following day.


Will having sore spots with my new set of dentures is normal?

Usually we spend enough time during the delivery visit to check the fit and bite of the new dentures so the sore spots would be minimized but like with new pair of shoes it will take a little bit of time for the dentures to settle. That is why we have 48 hours follow up and after that couple of more appointment for check ups.We always recommend having the denture in your mouth for at least a day before we can see the area that need to be adjusted.


Types of dentures

 Lets go through the types of dentures as we get this question at couple of times a day so lets try to make it as simple as possible:

Conventional complete denture

Denture without any implants.

Implant retained denture

This type of denture consist of at least two implants in the lower jaw and four in the upper.This is one step above the conventional denture and provided more support and retention.

Implant supported denture

Denture that has four or more implant usually connected together with gusto milled titanium bar and removable prosthesis that attaches to the implants with clips or attachments.

This type of prosthesis gives better retention and in most of the cases the palate of the upper denture  is removed.

Hybrid dentures

This is a basically fixed denture prosthesis supported by at least four implants.It is also called all-on-4,teeth in a day.

It is called a hybrid denture because it is a combination of a fixed bridge and a denture design.

The hybrid denture is crewed in and can`t be removed by the patient.

The hybrid dentures in a good candidate are highly successful solution for edentulous patients.

Mid-term success 3-4 years: 96.3-100%

Long-term success 5-10 years:94.8%-98%

Immediate Dentures

In some instances due to “gum” decease or badly broken and infected teeth all the teeth need to be extracted .

For those patient immediate dentures are type of treatment that is needed.

Immediate Dentures are delivered the same day as your dental surgery,they look natural and function well.

They are usually replaced with new set of dentures after the healing period is over.

Usually we say that six months would be period of healing when the bone remodeling will be done so the new set of denture would have a solid foundation to function well.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures as the name suggest are replacing only the teeth they are missing.They are appropriate treatment for patients where fixed bridge is not an option.

Partial dentures are supported by the remaining teeth and gum tissues.

They are generally held in the mouth with clasps that embrace some of the remaining teeth.With the advance of the new materials now in some instances we can offer clear (invisible)clasps as a replacement to the metal clasp.

 Will I get used to having dentures?

Like any change in life ,having new dentures may feel strange for the first couple of weeks or even months.

Speaking would be the first challenge since all of the sudden a “foreign “ body is in the mouth so the muscles and tongue would need some time to get used to it.Having dentures is changing your tongue position this may cause whistling and hissing sounds while speaking.

Reading loud and repetition of difficult words always helps.As you do this you will train your tongue and pronouncing  S, Sh, Ch and Th will start to get more clear.

Eating would be the second challenge,when we have our natural teeth they are fixed in our jaw and they don`t move,when the denture is used to eat there is a slight  movement and everyone takes some time of getting used to how to chew food.

First recommendation is starting to eat softer food and smaller pieces of food on both sides of your mouth to prevent the dentures tipping on one side.Don`t try to bite down with your front teeth at all for the first couple of weeks till you get used to.Hot food and beverages are not recommended for the first couple of weeks since the dentures cover most of the gums so patient can burn him self because the diminished sense of temperature changes.

 Don`t get discouraged if you feel that “all of the sudden food lost all of the flavor”. Your brain is absorbing a lot of information about the new dentures from your mouth ,which overpower the signals arriving from the taste buds.After the accommodation period is finished your sense of taste will improve.

 Can you still taste food with dentures?

Most of the taste buds in the mouth are located on the tongue on average 2000-8000 taste buds are located on the tongue.Small number of taste buds are on the soft palate,esophagus and cheek.Some new denture patients complain that food does`t taste the same and reason for that is the overpowering signals coming form the presents of new “foreign” body in the mouth that is masking the taste signals going to the brain.Once again taste will for sure improve over time.

Why my lower denture is always loose compared to the upper denture?

Biggest enemy of the lower denture is the tongue.Every time you try to speak,eat tongue will move and being a strong muscle will displace the lower denture.Another element that is also adding to the problem is that lower denture has way less supporting areas comparing to the top where the whole palate is covered with the denture base giving that retention and tightness.Good fitting dentures,patience,time and practice are  needed to perfect wearing dentures.

Are denture adhesive necessary?

Usually NO!

When a patient sais" my denture is loose I need to use adhesive to keep my dentures in my mouth and I use a lot”,that usually is a sign that the dentures don`t fit the way should.After years of denture use the bone and gums below the denture may get resorbed so all of the sudden dentures start to fill as they are  too big so many denture patients would start using a denture adhesive to make them stay stable.When something like that happens many time we can do a reline(adding a acrylic material on the gum side of the denture) or maybe new set of dentures would be recommended.Some patients beside the perfect fit of the dentures still want to use adhesive just for having a secure filling in their mouth.Couple of small peas size drops of denture adhesive  are more then enough if the denture fits the way should to give you the confidence you need to eat and speak normally.

Changes in your medical history way contribute to a sudden “looseness” of the dentures,most of the time is due to dry mouth and change of the quantity and quality of the saliva.

Missing teeth for many years may contribute to severe bone loss and not having enough bone  left for denture "grip on" would be the only time when using an denture adhesive would make sense.When there is not enough bone left in the jaw dental implants are sometimes not recommended because of the complexity,time and cost and complete  dentures are only treatment option.

Would dental implants help with my dentures?


Having dental Implants would help stabilize and retain the denture helping while chewing and speaking since the denture would be “locked in place”.Because Implant supported dentures use the dental implants for support having implants will help you retain the bone around them since the implant would replace the roots of the teeth so in a long run the bone would be preserved.

Dental Implants are also helping with reducing the size of the dentures ,most of the time when we have enough implants on a perfect location in the upper jaw we will even remove the plate of the denture which is one of the primary concerns for most denture patients.

How Many implants do i need for my denture to work?

Since the literature on this one is still divided, as a bare minimum we would recommended two dental implants on the lower jaw and four on the upper.

Does my insurance covers new dentures?

 Most insurance cover dentures in their benefits ,some of them have 5, 7 or even 10 years replacement clause.Recently some dental insurance companies started covering dental implants so that may be good option for more sturdy and retentive dentures.

We always try to find out the benefit of your insurance before we start any treatment.

 How long do denture last?

 Every denture as every person wearing it is different.Dentures last for a long time if properly cared for, one of our patients just had his dentures replaced after 45 years.

The longevity depends of how the person is taking care of the dentures.We usually say dentures should last at least 5 years ,most of the time they will last much longer then that.Relining,rebasing,repairing  and retrofitting is something we often do in our office to extend the the life of the prosthesis.

 To have your denture as long as possible you should:

-Clean your denture as we recommend using the denture cleaning products avoid any chemicals and abrasives they will damage the acrylic and shorten the life of your denture.

-Always clean your dentures over a sink full with water,so just in case you drop the denture  the fall in the water would minimize the cracks and breakage f the denture.

-Have a exam with a dentist to check the condition your gums ,bone fit of the denture,bite and esthetics.

-Please don`t try to adjust or fix your denture by yourself

-Dogs love dentures so keep them away from them ,they use them as chewing toys.

-If your denture is loose and you are putting a lot of adhesive to keep it in your mouth have a consultation with your dentist


What are dentures made of?

 Long time ago elephant ivory was the primary material for fabrication of complete dentures.

Famous set of George Washington dentures was not made of wood as many people would presume but from hippopotamus ivory,human teeth,brass screws,lead human and cow teeth.

Luckily today we have so much more superior material for making durable,strong and gorgeous looking dentures.

 The denture teeth are usually made of resin or porcelain.

 Porcelain teeth are still used in some cases but because of the glass-like material they are brittle and easily damaged during an accident and fall on the floor.Repairing them is way more complex and costly.They also add quite a bit of weight so the whole denture feels much heavier.

 Acrylic teeth are used in most cases since new stronger more esthetic materials have been developed.Acrylic teeth also adhere to the denture base so there is a chemical bond between the teeth and the denture base where when porcelain teeth are used there is only mechanical connection so between the teeth and base bacteria can grow and that is one of the reason why some dentures with porcelain teeth have stains around the neck of the teeth.Adding,adjusting and repairing acrylic teeth is much easier,faster and usually done the same day.

 The denture base,”the framework”,”the plate” is the part that supports the teeth is made of acrylic resins which are strong and durable.Sometimes the frame can be partially made of metal when we have implants supporting the denture or when we are making a partial dentures so the whole prosthesis is much stronger.

Best way to clean dentures?

-Rinse your dentures after meal.Remove your dentures and run water to remove any food particles.We recommend having water in you sink so the water would minimize the damage of the breakage of the dentures.

-Clean your mouth also after moving your dentures.Soft bristle brush should be used to clean your gums,roof of your mouth(palate),checks and tongue.

-Clean your denture at least daily.Clean it using soft denture brushes to remove all the food debris,if denture adhesive was ll of the a the adhesive should be removed, you can use denture cleaning tablets for 5-10 minutes soaking them in a warm water,NEVER use scolding hot water since the acrylic of the denture will be deformed.

-We recommend using hand soap instead of toothpaste since most of them are mildly abrasive having small grainy particles.Denture would get micro starches from the particles making it easier for bacteria to grow resulting in unpleasant odor and change in color.

-Rinse dentures before putting them back in your mouth after being soak in a cleaning solution.

-Soak dentures overnight.Dentures should be cleaned and soaked overnight in water so they will remain moist.Please don`t sleep with your dentures.


-Any abrasive cleaning materials. Hard stiff brushes,abrasive toothpastes and cleaning solutions can and will damage the plastic and teeth of your dentures.

 -Bleach.Do not use any kind of bleach or bleaching products since the denture will change its color and will become more brittle. 

 -Hot water. Soaking and cleaning your dentures in hot water will warp your dentures.Please don`t boil your dentures ….Boiling water kills bacteria but will for sure will destroy your dentures.

Please feel free to give us a call at 561-881-0067  or stop by in our office  for free consultation. 













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