5 Things you should know about dentures

permanent implant dentures

Dentures are not replacement for teeth!

Dentures are not replacement for teeth, they replacement for NO teeth.

Natural teeth are sometimes lost because of gum disease, decay, trauma or combination of those factors and one of the possible treatments for totally edentulous jaw is full denture.

Our teeth being embedded in the jaw bone have a much better support then a denture which is only supported by resting on our gums.

Cutting and chewing food with dentures is much more duficult since the power we can generate is much lower since the whole denture have a tendency to move since it not bone supported

Dentures have only 20% chewing power compared to natural teeth

Since the denture is supported on the soft tissue it has a tendency to move more compared to the natural teeth who are solid so the bitting of the food is way more limited and weak.

One way to compensate for this inherent flow is to add dental implants.

Attaching dental implants into the denture make the denture more comfortable and more retentive.

Denture average live expectancy of denture is 5-7 years

Every denture over time well get worn down ,some of them faster some of the slower but eventually they will need to be relined ,rebased or the teeth will need to be changed.

Some of our patient have dentures with 20 plus years and they served them well.

Dentures can be made in days not weeks or months

Having a lab in the office and making our own dentures give us the opportunity to start and finish a denture in days since we don`t depend on shipping the records to outside labs and waiting for a long time.

Immediate dentures or temporary partial dentures can be made in 24 hours!

Dentures should be checked at least once a year.

Jaw and soft tissue in the mouth constantly change so they need to be checked yearly to make sure a reline is not needed since ill fitting denture would require a denture adhesive or it will be making sores.

Acrylic dentures although they may look nice and shiny have porous surfaces, that is why they need to be cleaned every day and during a dental visit they will be therapy cleaned in ultrasonic device with a cleaning solution.

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Bad Breath

The most common bad breath is known as morning breath. The cause of this is the lack of salvia flow when you sleep.

The saliva help to cleanse the mouth and bacteria keep bad breath in check during the day when we sleep and our mouth dries out the bacteria has an opportunity to have fun causing the unpleasant odor when you wake up.

There is an easy fix for this: brush your teeth =bye bye bad breath.

Other reasons for bad breath cannot be treated so lightly and most often require the care of dentist or dental hygienist. Periodontal disease is one to leading causes of bad breath. Over time plaques hardens on the teeth and becomes calculus. As the calculus collects on the teeth is causes more bacteria to form. Advanced stage periodontal is a serious condition and will lead to tooth loss but if treated early enough can be treated.

While periodontal disease can not be cured we can stop the progression. Other conditions can cause bad breath such as the foods we eat, dehydration, poor oral hygiene and also medical conditions. If you are experiencing prolonged bad breath it is always best to have it checked out by a dental professional.

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My retainer in gone…I lost my retainer….

My retainer in gone…I lost my retainer….

Those sentences are often heard in our office.

Misplacing your retainer is number one cause for replacements that we hear from out patients.

After finishing your ortho treatment either traditional braces or Invisalign  retainer is almost always recommended.

After spending so much time,money and effort trying to keep your teeth sparkling clean while in the braces treatment it would be shame everything to go to waste.

Forgetting that little plastic box with the retainers while you are on vacation,your best four legged friend eat it,or misplacing in in the moving boxes all of those reasons we are hearing on weekly basis.

Making a replacement retainer is usually one or two visit procedure ,with Invisalign we can even order the retainer over the phone since the company have the digital records so they can make new one right away.

If the retainer was lost for some time then taking one simple impression would take care of that problem.

If you have a problem with your retainers,you need new one  give us a call at 561-881-0067 for a free consultation with Dr.Alek.

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You don`t like going to a dentist?

Be glad you don’t  live in the Ice age……

Two 13 000 year old front teeth found in Italy are officially the oldest fillings and they were made of bitumen.

The research say that the ice age dentist was using the bitumen as an antiseptic.


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Why Dental X-rays are taken?

Dental X-rays Do I really need them?


We have this question asked frequently. Without dental x-rays the dentist cannot properly do his job of diagnosing dental disease. Many things are factored into our diagnoses processes x-rays are one important tool.

While we use x-rays to diagnose and help prevent disease from becoming too serious taking x-rays at every dental visit is not necessary. At Aleksander Vojdanoski Dental we use the ADA recommended ALARA, which stands for As Low As Reasonably Achievable. What that means is we look at each patient and determine what is necessary for them.

We look at multiple factors when making that decision such as: caries history, diet, oral hygiene, medications, and previous dental work. If a patient has a history of having a cavity every time they come in for their dental check-up we would likely recommend that patient have bitewing x-rays taken once a year. On the opposite end if a patient has no dental disease present that patient could go longer even up to two years with a check-up x-rays.

While x-rays are a very important tool, know that here at Alek Dental in North Palm Beach we use patient-centered factors on determining how often we take dental x-rays.

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Bad Breath(Halitosis)

Section Heading

Bad breath (Halitosis)

Bad breath, also known as  halitosis, is a common and also  embarrassing problem.

Most common cause is build up of bacteria on the teeth gums and the tongue.

Good oral hygiene is essential in solving this problem,regular brushing,flossing ,cleaning of the tongue and using mouthwash usually solves the problem.

Major causes of bad breath can be also decided in several groups:


Food with strong odor(garlic,curry,some cheeses,fish and acidic beverages) also affect the air a person exhales.When proper oral hygiene is not practiced food particles of those foods get stuck between the teeth so the bacteria can grow and the  bad breath is exaggerated.That bacteria can also cause tooth decay and gum disease.

Low carb diet can also cause “ketone breath” as a result of the body burning the fat as a energy which results in end product ketones which is fruity acetone -like odor.

Dry mouth

When a person has a decreased flow of saliva,food particles are not effectively removed from the mouth and the bad breath is quite common.Dry mouth is mostly result of medications,breading through the mouth or issues with the saliva glands.


Chewing and smoking cigarets are common cause for bad breath and also number one cause of stained teeth ,gum disease .

Medical problems

Multiple medical conditions may cause bad breath:


Gum or periodontal infection

Pharinygitis or tonsillitis 

Respiratory tract infection

Liver and kidney disease

Sjorgen syndrome

Lactose intolerance


Most often when the dentures are not properly cleaned ,food debris is stuck on the dentures where the bacteria can grow.

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New Year Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions:

That time of the year has come again when we start to make promises to live a healthier lifestyle. We at Alek Dental in North Palm Beach are no different. Dr Alek and I made a resolution to reduce our sugar intake. We know how living a healthy lifestyle will help us be better parent to our son. We want to teach him the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. They best way to teach him is by us modeling healthy habits ourselves.

Here are some tips to help your oral health.

Tip 1: Healthy eating habits are important for overall health but also key to have a healthy mouth. Crunchy nutritious foods like apples, carrots and cucumbers not only make a great snack but consuming these foods verse cookies or crackers help keep your teeth clean and healthy.

Tip 2: Kick the soda habit. Even diet soda is very acidic which can wreak havoc on your mouth. Any constant supply of sugar and acid on the teeth is damaging. If you can’t knock the habit completely then try not to sip on it all day. For example, we drink coffee daily but we make a habit to sit down have our cup of coffee and then brush our teeth. Sip the coffee or soda all allows to acid and sugar to destroy the tooth enamel. Give yourself a time limit for your drink and then be done and switch to water.

Tip 3: Make you a priority. As a working mom to a busy toddler, I know how are it is to make sure you are taken care of but it is so important. Seeing the dentist regularly will help reduce the risk of dental emergencies and keep costs down. Make an appointment for your routine dental exam and cleaning.

Tip 4: Floss correctly. Patients often say yes I floss whenever I have something stuck in my teeth. Trust me, there is always something stuck in your teeth. Once you create a habit for flossing you will find when you miss a day you notice. When you floss make sure you hug or wrap the floss around each side of the tooth to make ensure proper cleaning.

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Keep Flossing…..

dental floss palm beach
Flossing north palm beach

Flossing is still good..

This is week we have had not one but TWO a patients that have broken their teeth from “flossing”.

One of the patients told me, “I threw it out after that and haven’t use it since”

Not what a hygienist wants to hear BUT I’m pretty sure that they are back on team flossing again. Sigh of relief. . .

That’s what brought me to this topic: flossing. I can tell you this if it was a healthy intact tooth or filling would not come from flossing. Its good stuff but not that good.

Dr Alek “famous” joke is only floss the ones you want to keep. But seriously here is what happened in both those cases and countless other “I broke my tooth on . . . (Insert any soft food or dental floss in this case)” When 50% or more the tooth structure is an amalgam filling from 20+ years there is a chance it is going to break.

We watch for signs and we give advise but no one can tell you when or even if it is going to break. So what can you do you ask? The easiest and best thing you can do is brush and floss. Good home care is key to helping dental work last a long time. Next, come see us, not just when it hurts or there’s a problem but come in for prevention. The last thing I would watch for is your habits: i.e. chewing ice -it’s a no no, grinding your teeth at night and or clinching or grinding during the day, those things put more stress on your teeth which can lead to problems down the road.

Lindsy V RDH

For more information about flossing and healthy smile give us a call at 561-881-0067 or visit us at 712 Us Hwy 1 Ste 220 North Palm Beach FL

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