Bad Breath(Halitosis)

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Bad breath (Halitosis)

Bad breath, also known as  halitosis, is a common and also  embarrassing problem.

Most common cause is build up of bacteria on the teeth gums and the tongue.

Good oral hygiene is essential in solving this problem,regular brushing,flossing ,cleaning of the tongue and using mouthwash usually solves the problem.

Major causes of bad breath can be also decided in several groups:


Food with strong odor(garlic,curry,some cheeses,fish and acidic beverages) also affect the air a person exhales.When proper oral hygiene is not practiced food particles of those foods get stuck between the teeth so the bacteria can grow and the  bad breath is exaggerated.That bacteria can also cause tooth decay and gum disease.

Low carb diet can also cause “ketone breath” as a result of the body burning the fat as a energy which results in end product ketones which is fruity acetone -like odor.

Dry mouth

When a person has a decreased flow of saliva,food particles are not effectively removed from the mouth and the bad breath is quite common.Dry mouth is mostly result of medications,breading through the mouth or issues with the saliva glands.


Chewing and smoking cigarets are common cause for bad breath and also number one cause of stained teeth ,gum disease .

Medical problems

Multiple medical conditions may cause bad breath:


Gum or periodontal infection

Pharinygitis or tonsillitis 

Respiratory tract infection

Liver and kidney disease

Sjorgen syndrome

Lactose intolerance


Most often when the dentures are not properly cleaned ,food debris is stuck on the dentures where the bacteria can grow.

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