Bad Breath

The most common bad breath is known as morning breath. The cause of this is the lack of salvia flow when you sleep.

The saliva help to cleanse the mouth and bacteria keep bad breath in check during the day when we sleep and our mouth dries out the bacteria has an opportunity to have fun causing the unpleasant odor when you wake up.

There is an easy fix for this: brush your teeth =bye bye bad breath.

Other reasons for bad breath cannot be treated so lightly and most often require the care of dentist or dental hygienist. Periodontal disease is one to leading causes of bad breath. Over time plaques hardens on the teeth and becomes calculus. As the calculus collects on the teeth is causes more bacteria to form. Advanced stage periodontal is a serious condition and will lead to tooth loss but if treated early enough can be treated.

While periodontal disease can not be cured we can stop the progression. Other conditions can cause bad breath such as the foods we eat, dehydration, poor oral hygiene and also medical conditions. If you are experiencing prolonged bad breath it is always best to have it checked out by a dental professional.

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