5 Things you should know about dentures

permanent implant dentures

Dentures are not replacement for teeth!

Dentures are not replacement for teeth, they replacement for NO teeth.

Natural teeth are sometimes lost because of gum disease, decay, trauma or combination of those factors and one of the possible treatments for totally edentulous jaw is full denture.

Our teeth being embedded in the jaw bone have a much better support then a denture which is only supported by resting on our gums.

Cutting and chewing food with dentures is much more duficult since the power we can generate is much lower since the whole denture have a tendency to move since it not bone supported

Dentures have only 20% chewing power compared to natural teeth

Since the denture is supported on the soft tissue it has a tendency to move more compared to the natural teeth who are solid so the bitting of the food is way more limited and weak.

One way to compensate for this inherent flow is to add dental implants.

Attaching dental implants into the denture make the denture more comfortable and more retentive.

Denture average live expectancy of denture is 5-7 years

Every denture over time well get worn down ,some of them faster some of the slower but eventually they will need to be relined ,rebased or the teeth will need to be changed.

Some of our patient have dentures with 20 plus years and they served them well.

Dentures can be made in days not weeks or months

Having a lab in the office and making our own dentures give us the opportunity to start and finish a denture in days since we don`t depend on shipping the records to outside labs and waiting for a long time.

Immediate dentures or temporary partial dentures can be made in 24 hours!

Dentures should be checked at least once a year.

Jaw and soft tissue in the mouth constantly change so they need to be checked yearly to make sure a reline is not needed since ill fitting denture would require a denture adhesive or it will be making sores.

Acrylic dentures although they may look nice and shiny have porous surfaces, that is why they need to be cleaned every day and during a dental visit they will be therapy cleaned in ultrasonic device with a cleaning solution.

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