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Flossing is still good..

This is week we have had not one but TWO a patients that have broken their teeth from “flossing”.

One of the patients told me, “I threw it out after that and haven’t use it since”

Not what a hygienist wants to hear BUT I’m pretty sure that they are back on team flossing again. Sigh of relief. . .

That’s what brought me to this topic: flossing. I can tell you this if it was a healthy intact tooth or filling would not come from flossing. Its good stuff but not that good.

Dr Alek “famous” joke is only floss the ones you want to keep. But seriously here is what happened in both those cases and countless other “I broke my tooth on . . . (Insert any soft food or dental floss in this case)” When 50% or more the tooth structure is an amalgam filling from 20+ years there is a chance it is going to break.

We watch for signs and we give advise but no one can tell you when or even if it is going to break. So what can you do you ask? The easiest and best thing you can do is brush and floss. Good home care is key to helping dental work last a long time. Next, come see us, not just when it hurts or there’s a problem but come in for prevention. The last thing I would watch for is your habits: i.e. chewing ice -it’s a no no, grinding your teeth at night and or clinching or grinding during the day, those things put more stress on your teeth which can lead to problems down the road.

Lindsy V RDH

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